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Katalyst Performance Consulting, Inc. was formed when its founder, Scott Kasin, discovered that he could apply his technology and marketing skills to his passion. A 12 yr hiatus from cycling while in the semiconductor industry, was all about to change when the opportunity to write AMD's - Advanced Micro Devices, sports marketing technology proposal for the USPS Cycling Team came up. Not only did this experience launch AMD into sports marketing sponsorship of Lance Armstrong's 6th TdF victory, but enabled TheGuy@myKatalyst.com to chase his old dreams again. In the Spring of 2004, Scott took his skills on the road and began chasing his own bicycle racing dreams which led to the incorporation of Katalyst in the Fall of 2005. It was the challenge of managing AMD's sports marketing technology relationships with Trek, and the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team as well as being their liason to the F1 technology team which launched Katalyst. The
AMD powered notebook controls power output of the LSWT during one of Lance Armstrong's many runs in the tunnel, 2005.
Katalyst's first work in 2005 with the three Dave's from the San Diego Air and Space Technology Center's LSWT - Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Recent News
relationships and skills which Katalyst developed while responsible for AMD's technology, have become the cornerstone for Katalyst's success and ability to bring unprecedented levels of technology to enhancing human powered performance.
Whether you are looking for coaching, a wind tunnel camp, product representation, or our consulting services, Katalyst can help you reach your goals.
TheGuy@myKatalst.com with Michael Sagen, Senior Designer and Technology Principal, Trek Bicycles, Inc at the HP Workstation Sales Conference, Nov. 2005
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Katalyst Performance Consulting, Inc.