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Katalyst believes in helping its clients achieve the most from the efforts. Whether it is athletic related (Cycling, and Skiing), or business related (Product Sales, Marketing and Engineering), we are your Katalyst. With an extensive background (20 years) in the cycling and ski industries we have the coach you are looking for as well as the nutritional guidance to help you meet your goals on and off the bike or skis. On the business side our 10+ years of experience in high tech semiconductor world of marketing and engineering makes us a great fit for your product design, marketing and sales.

We know what it is like to work toward our goals and achieve them, so let us help you meet yours!
Katalyst founds MI Aware, Inc. - A Heart Attack Awareness and Prevention Initiative with a ride from the Hub of Aspen to Ashcroft July 3, 2009.
MI Aware, Inc. - launches "MI Aware? I aM Now!" the first in a collection of MI stories, as told by heart attack survivors and avoiders. Click here to read "MI Aware?"
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Get the most from your efforts!
"TheGuy@myKatalyst.com" Scott Kasin - Heart Attack July 2008 - Masters National Team Pursuit Champion August 2009.
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